A Message From Our Pastor

We believe God has a plan for our area.  While the capital region is blessed with many churches, it remains one of the least churched areas of country.  Every church has its own philosophy, focus, and distinct personality.  Let me tell you about four things we focus on in every service:

    Anointed Worship

We believe people need to experience the presence of the living God.  So our team strives every week to bring you into the manifest presence of God through Praise & Worship.

    Biblical Preaching

We believe God gave us everything we need to know to live a fruitful life in the Bible.  So every message your hear will come straight from God's word. 

    Powerful Prayer

We know that each person has challenges that they must face and overcome.  That's why we have a trained prayer team ready to pray with you after every service and stand with you in faith for your breakthrough or miracle!

    Family Atmosphere

We are committed to presenting the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in a down to earth, relatable and family atmosphere!  There is no show biz, plastic or cardboard people here.  Just real folks loving Jesus and each other!

We are seeking to follow Jesus in every area of our lives, and although we are not perfect by any means, we are passionately pursuing the One who is!  If God calls you to the Fruitful Vine, we look forward to you being a part of this crazy, loving family.  There is no debate that following Jesus means the best is yet to come!

Pastor Ernie North, Senior Pastor & Elder